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Liz Anderson-Peacock

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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The story

Dr. Liz - a popular speaker at conferences and events is known in her field for her special interest in pediatrics or more recently speaking on overcoming adversity. Published in peer reviewed journals, along with involvement in associations and regulatory boards she brings over 38 years of practice experience to her programs. 


After a right below knee amputation at the end of 2017, Dr. Liz was back to living life in new ways within months and seeing patients again 18 days later.


She continues to see complex pediatric cases in her boutique referral only practice and spends time between that, travelling and scuba diving or playing with her 5 grandkids.


Described as insightful and a curious soul, she has an indomitable spirit and love of life. Goals for her programs are to leave you with tools to engage in life while being more confident, heart centered and grateful.

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