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Can I register just for the Gala dinner?

To participate in the Gala Dinner you must be registered for the conference or be a companion of someone registered.


If I register for the seminar, do I have to purchase accommodation?

No, but we strongly recommend that you do so. In addition to being an excellent hotel and having very different rates, Lisbon will be quite complete on the Conference dates. Furthermore, traveling to the hotel from Lisbon can be costly.


What happens if I am registered and cannot attend?

What happens depends on how far in advance you cancel your participation. However, whatever the advance notice, there will always be a non-refundable fee of €50. For more detailed information, please consult theTerms and conditions


Are there activities planned before and after the Conference?

For those who want to anticipate or extend their stay, the official Travel Agency, TIME4TRAVEL, has several alternative tours and accommodations throughout Portugal.

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