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A1 – The rates mentioned include VAT at the legal rate in force. Accommodation rates include breakfast.
A2 – TIME4TRAVEL is obliged to provide and provide the Customer with the services purchased. These Terms and Conditions are considered accepted from the moment the Customer purchases the services
A3 – Rooms and all services reserved for this group are subject to cancellation without any compensation by TIME4TRAVEL if payment is not well received, 

A4 -  Transfers are provided in a "shuttle" service, so it may be necessary to wait until the next vehicle. TIME4TRAVEL guarantees that this wait will not exceed 30 minutes.

A5 - The Customer must contact our staff at the airport to be properly directed. If you are unable to locate our staff, you should contact the event helpline for guidance. 

A6 - No refund will be made for non-use of transfer services, except due to an error by TIME4TRAVEL


B1 – Entry to the Conference room will only be possible upon presentation of the access credential
B2 – The indicated times will be observed unscrupulously. Entry to the room will only be possible during the break between each Speaker's presentation so as not to disrupt the presentation
B3 – Assistants will be able to ask questions to Speakers, and this will be done with the support of room assistants 


C1 – All amounts paid for Accommodation and extras at the hotel have the following cancellation deadlines and costs:

C1.1 - Up to 91 days before the event - 100% refund

C1.2 - From 90 to 61 days of the event - 50% refund

C1.3 - From 60 to 31 days of the event - 25% refund

C1.4 - Within 30 days before the event - no refund
C2 – All amounts paid in connection with registration for the seminar have the following deadlines and cancellation costs:

C2.1 - Up to 61 days before the event - 75% refund

C2.2 - From 60 to 31 days of the event - 50% refund

C2.3 - 30 to 15 days before the event - 25% refund

C2.4 - Within 4 days before the event - no refund

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions.

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